Cream Supreme

So creamy you want to roll it around on your tongue savoring each lingering flavor as your head tries to make sense of what’s going on in your mouth. Nothing else like it exists except in dreams. Is it the graham crackers and milk you had as a kid watching cartoons, or is it the salted caramel ice cream you eat now? Or is that a rich Bavarian cream covering a rich flavorful cheesecake? Whatever it is, you want more.




"Thank you very much I really appreciate all the help and customer service. And I am really looking forward to vaping more of your incredible juice 

From, vince"

Patrick Roger

I am usually not a fan of mint but the Minty Kuku is out of this world.

Bob Woolner

I love the strawberry fields and creme supreme.

John Walker

This is the best tasting fruit juice I have ever had.

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